This article is about the book. You may be looking for the DVD or the episode.

is a book based on both the episode of the same name and Under The Bed.


One day Johnson was feeling sad, he didn't have any friends to play with. He first tried to be friends with a ball, but the ball rolled away. Then he tried his trunk, but his trunk didn't want to be friends with him either.

The suddenly a noise came out of the toy box. Johnson opened the toy box and found a concertina named McDuff, she wanted to find some friends too, but Johnson wasn't sure about being friends with a concertina, he had never met one before. Then McDuff said maybe they should look for a new friend together.

They found a toy truck named Diesel stuck in-between the bed and a building block. Johnson moved the building block out of the way and Diesel flung into the corner. Diesel wanted to be Johnson's friend for saving him, but McDuff wanted a friend too so she took of to find a friend.

But Diesel started messing up the room, but Johnson didn't want to mess up the room too, so he tried to find McDuff. He found McDuff trying to hide. Then they all agreed to be friends together.

Later, Johnson and his friends went exploring. Then Diesel suggested exploring under the bed, but Johnson was unsure. McDuff and Diesel were confused, then Johnson told them why. He said that there were monster toys, all of Michael's dirty socks a hole to the center of the earth under there. Johnson's friends were scared, but they decided to explore anyways.

When Michael was sleeping they set off. When they reached to the entrance they heard noises coming from under the bed. Then a hot water bottle named Alfred was surprised of there interruption. He explained why he was under the bed for. Then Johnson and his friends offered to be friends with him, and he agreed. So the four friends set off back to the toy box.

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