Johnson and Friends Theme
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Still image of the first scene from the original opening sequence.

Composed by

Chris Neal

Originally recorded

1990, The Living Room, Sydney

The theme song to Johnson and Friends was written and composed by Chris Neal. It not only appears during the opening sequence and credits of nearly every episode, but is featured on almost every audiovisual release of the series.

Ian Munro and Ron Saunders were very lenient when they commisioned Chris to write the series' soundtrack, and used adjectives such as "fun" and "happy" to describe the sort of main theme they wanted. Neal recalls the process was as simple as viewing several images of the characters and set, after which the music came to him instantly. 

The credits theme varies, and usually has some sort of modification every episode, be it subtle or obvious. These can range from something as simple as a tempo change to completely different instrument presets being used. Every season, a new basis track was created and thus would be adjusted to fit the timeslot and mood of each episode.

Notable variations and other recordings

  • Original opening theme, used only for the opening sequence. (1990-1995)
  • Season 1 credits theme, used throughout the first series with modifications every episode. (1990)
  • Season 2 credits theme, used throughout the second series with modifications every episode, a short version also appears as the first track on An Afternoon with Johnson and Friends. (1991)
  • Main credits theme, used in several episodes (The Train Conductor, Diesel's Taxi etc) but first appearing as the final track on An Afternoon with Johnson and Friends. (1994-1995)
  • Season 3 credits theme, used throughout the third series with modifications in several episodes. (1994)
  • Season 4 credits theme, used throughout the third series with occasional modifications. (1995)
  • The Season 4 intro Became Different Because Jonathon Hendry Matthew Chamberlain Dra McKay and Sarah Boddy Became The New Body Actors of Johnson McDuff Diesel and Squeaky Alfred Had Been Patched in Season 2 Victoria Joined The Toys in Season 3 Also in Season 2 The Toybox Moved Next To The Wardrobe And The Table Moved Next To The Bedroom Door.
  • Cover version by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, based on the main credits theme, appears on the West Australian Symphony Orchestra album. (1997).