Kids TV Themes
is a CD released in 1992 by ABC for Kids.


  • 02: JOHNSON AND FRIENDS. * (1:15).

(Chris Neal). (Screen Music International/APRA). Produced by Chris Neal. Performed by Chris Neal.

  • 05: MR SQUIGGLE. (0:56).

(Ayling). (Ayling). v: Angus Evans, Simon Dikkenberg, Jessie Evans, Jo Dikkenberg, Elise Robertson, Abby Robertson.

  • 07: SWAP SHOP. * (0:57). (James Valentine/Roger Mason). (Control). Produced by Roger Mason and Ian Bone.

Engineers: Neil Sandbach, Warick Maver, Tim Alder, David Long. Performers: Roger Mason, James Valentine.

  • 09: PLAY SCHOOL THEME. * (0:53).

(Gambleton/Connelly). (Control). Produced by Martin Armiger. Performed by Philip Quest, Jennifer Ludlum.

  • 16: BANANAS IN PYJAMAS. * (1:29). (C. Blyton). Produced by Dave Clayton. Performed by Mike And Michelle Jackson.
  • 18: FERRY BOAT FRED. (0:46). (J. Pye). (Pye).

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