"Moving House" was the sixth episode of Season 1.


Squeaky was still in Johnson's house. Johnson thought how he could get Squeaky out, but Diesel says he could knock Johnsons house down, but to no achievement. Diesel mentioned about moving out of the garage to live there, a that lit up Johnson's bulb. He was going to find a way to get Squeaky out.

They pass McDuff in her new house and they ask where Squeaky could live. She suggests the wardrobe, so they headed there. They thought it was a good idea, and pretended that Johnson was moving into there to fool Squeaky.

The plan was working, so Johnson convinced Squeaky, and Squeaky moved into the wardrobe, but McDuff was watching and made a plan to fool Johnson back. When Johnson and Diesel got back, McDuff had moved into Johnson's house. Johnson had been pranked for pranking someone else.




Johnson and Friends - Moving House09:51

Johnson and Friends - Moving House

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