Season 1

Ian Munro


Ron Saunders


John Patterson


Garry Scale as Johnson
Katrina Sedgwick as McDuff
Bruce Wedderburn as Diesel
Doug Scroope as Diesel's voice
Peter Browne as Alfred
Kristen Lyons as Squeaky
Emily Lumbers as Squeaky's voice
Narrated by Paul Bertram

Music by

Chris Neal

Followed by

Season 2

The first season of Johnson and Friends aired in 1990. The series was produced by Film Australia independently and was broadcast on the ABC


  1. Beginnings - One day Johnson decided to find a friend and so began the best times ever.
  2. Under The Bed - The toys never knew what they might find - there was no better adventure than going under the bed.
  3. Best Of Friends Johnson, Diesel, and McDuff were the best of friends - even though they didn’t always agree on what to do.
  4. The Thing Outside McDuff did a very brave thing and got a medal and Squeaky found a home.
  5. Helpless Diesel has an accident and is miserable - Diesel’s friends help out.
  6. Moving House Squeaky didn’t want to move house - but when she did she was very pleased.
  7. Playing Games McDuff was no good at playing games. She wasn’t good at anything - or so she thought!
  8. The Birthday Present Toys don’t get presents so they all wanted Michael’s Birthday present – desperately!
  9. Wind Chimes First a heatwave, then a storm. Could the toys shut the window and avert a flood?
  10. Sharing First a heatwave, then a storm. Could the toys shut the window and avert a flood?
  11. The Picnic Johnson organised a picnic by the window - what a brilliant idea and what a picnic!
  12. Cleaning Day On cleaning day Michael’s parents emptied the waste paper basket into the rubbish bin. But where was McDuff?

​Characters Introduced


  • The first season was produced as a mere test, hence the small amount of episodes, and no subsequent seasons were expected. However, this soon changed due its instantaneous popularity.
  • The first two seasons were often sold together internationally for convenience, creating a total of 26 episodes, a standard number of episodes for one series. The Japanese dub is an example of this.
  • This is the only season to be produced by Film Australia alone.
  • The bedroom set did not have a ceiling in this season, therefore studio equipment is constantly visible.
  • This season was shot entirely in a studio at AFTRS' original location. Both Ron Saunders and Ian Munro graduated from AFTRS in 1980 with diplomas in producing and directing respectively, which proved to be very helpful towards securing a studio.


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