I think many of you may have noticed....The Wikia is Blacked Out! Well, not exactly down, it's just a temporary theme. It is still easy to edit and chat. Both of those are great characteristics of this website. The internet is a great thing. It is one of the last frontiers. It is a great experiment with digital freedom. We take these freedoms for granted. It turns out, the NSA (National Security Agency) has been collected private data via the internet all over the world. It is not just Americans. This agency can use their power to collect data from any device connected to the internet. Privacy for everyone has been lost. Who knows what other freedoms we may loose next.

We need to fight the NSA and similar organizations. That's why the Wiki is participating in "The Day We Fight Back" ( This is a massive internet protest against Digital surviellence . We helped take down SOPA/PIPA two years ago. We can take down the NSA today.Tomorrow, Feb. 11th, is the Day We Fight Back. Spread the word, sign petitions, do anything you can to regain our freedom and privacy from the government. Take a look at this for more information!

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