West Australian Symphony Orchestra is a CD released in 1997 by ABC for Kids.


  • 03: ABC TV MEDLEY: (Arr: Stewart).
  • ABC News Theme. (Williams). (Zomba).
  • Play School. (Milne/Connelly). (ABC/Mushroom).
  • GP. (Walker). (Control).
  • Bananas in Pyjamas. (Blyton). (ABC).
  • ABC "Tag". (Quills). (ABC).
  • 10: ABC FOR KIDS: (Arr: Stewart).
  • ABC For Kids Theme. (Harriott). (ABC).
  • Mr Squiggle. (Ayling/Ayling). (Control).
  • ABC For Kids Theme. (Harriott). (ABC).
  • 11: RUSH. (Dreyfus). (Allans).
  • 22: ABC FOR KIDS: (Arr: Stewart).
  • Johnson and Friends. (Neal). (Screensong).
  • ABC For Kids Theme. (Harriott). (ABC).

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